Favorite Newborn Baby Products (0-4 Months)

Creating our baby registry was one of the most exciting and overwhelming things ever! There are so many baby products out there… how in the world are you supposed to know what you actually need?!

Every baby is so different, but these are our favorite products from the first part of Forrest’s life. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! I hope this can be helpful for you expecting or new mamas. #newmomclub


  1. This bathtub 

Forrest loves taking baths! And he loved this tub (He just outgrew it. Cue the tears.). We also loved it because it dries quickly and easily and he didn’t slide down at all.


2. This light/noise machine

We love this machine because the light, color, and sound are all changeable, dimmable, programmable… it kind of does it all. We have a simple sound machine that we use for when Forrest is sleeping all night, but I love this one for when I am nursing him at night (especially those first couple of months!). It can be controlled by your phone AND it works great for toddlers. I thought it was worth the price because I know we will be using it for a long time!


3. This wipe dispenser

A wipe dispenser doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have a crying baby, a poopy diaper, and the potential of pee being sprayed everywhere if you don’t hurry. ha! I love this one because the wipes come out so easily and you can open it with one hand with ease.


4. This hand sanitizer

I’ve never sanitized my hands so much in my life! And this sanitizer has never left my hands feeling dry. Also, it smells amazing. I’m going to start buying this for every baby shower gift!


5. This teething ball

This was the first thing Forrest ever grabbed (cue the tears again) and it has been one of his favorite toys ever since! He loves chewing on it and it’s super easy for him to hold on to. We always have it with us! Highly recommend!


6. This diaper bag

I love this diaper bag. It fits a ton. I love the diaper zipper in the back so you don’t have to dig every time you need a diaper. I love the front pocket for bottles. I love the side pockets. I love the price and color options I love it all!

81icm3dLbQL._SL1500_7. This lounger

Forrest has spent so much time on this thing. It was a place that calmed him down those first couple of months, and now it’s a place he loves to chill! You’ve probably seen it in a picture or two, ha. A friend gave it to me because her baby loved it, so I know it’s not just Forrest. Having spots to place your baby around the house is so nice and this is one of our favorites!


8. A jogging stroller

I’m going to be honest and say that we don’t totally love our stroller/infant carseat duo, so I won’t specifically recommend it, but I totally recommend the jogging stroller style. The wheels are so helpful with getting over any terrain and it’s easy to navigate. Go for the jogger!

GUEST_f01afe90-1eb3-499b-ad3f-ce0ef817cd0f9. This activity mat

This is the activity mat we have at my parent’s house and it’s great! We like that the music plays for a long time without having to retouch a button or rewind it. It’s also super cute and gender neutral.


10. This drying rack

Having a separate drying rack for baby things is super helpful! There are so many little pieces and we would probably have lost most of them by now if we didn’t have this lol. We would recommend getting the big size if you have the counter space for it!


11. This book

Forrest has loved this book so much! He loves to chew on it, seems to love the feel of it on his face, and loves the rattle handle. He can grab it and move it whatever way he chooses since it doesn’t have much structure.


12. These zip-up onesies 

Some onesies zip from the neck down and I don’t understand it! Having to clasp the zipper on a fussy or sleepy baby is not fun. It’s so much easier to just zip from the bottom up. 🙂


13. This hiccup healer

We love this stuff. Forrest gets the hiccups quite often. When they bother him, we give him a few drops of gripe water and they instantly go away. It’s amazing!


14. This cool-weather swaddle

We were so worried about Forrest getting cold while he slept (he was born in January) so I found this swaddle and we love it! It’s super soft, keeps him warm, and has held up well over lots of washes.


15. This thermometer

This thing has been a game changer for us. You only have to hold it over their forehead to get a reading (if it’s close to being a fever you can then take their temp another way to confirm) but it is so easy to use! We actually use it mostly to check the water temperature of his bath. It’s so helpful!


And now a few things for us mamas!


  1. These nursing bras for sleeping and these ones for daytime

I have had the hardest time finding nursing bras I like and that do the job. These have been my favorite ones! I wish I would’ve found them earlier. They are comfortable, supportive, and look ok under shirts. They are also affordable so yay!


2. These nursing pads

I’ve tried quite a few brands because of samples and such, and these ones have by far been the best. They stick in place pretty well and look the most “natural” under clothing.


3. These photo books

We take an insane amount of pictures on our phones these days, and it makes me sad to think they just stay on the phone and that’s it. I LOVE Chatbooks because it is SO easy to make a book and now we will have the little day-to-day moments in book form for down the road! So far I have been making one each month and plan to continue that! If you use the link above, you can get one for free and I’ll get one for free. Win win!


4. This devotional

I am loving this devo! It’s practical, full of truth, and a quick read. I usually don’t like devotionals but I’m a fan of this one and the women who created it.




Forrest: Months 2-4

I am carrying a lot of mom guilt that I am just now doing another update for my FIRST child. 🙈 Forrest is basically a third kid, ha. But I promise I love him so much and have loved watching him grow up so far! 😍

Our little man is 4 months today and it has gone so quickly. At the same time, I truly struggle to remember what life was like before him! He fits into our family so well and we’ve loved getting to know our son. He’s the best. ☺️

It’s funny to look back at the one month update… because that month was crazy guys. If you’re in month one of newborn life yourself or will be soon, know that you WILL survive, you WILL sleep again someday, and you WILL get to know your baby! Since we’ve made it past those days we’ve realized that Forrest was pretty fussy as he was discovering the world that first month (understandably so) and he has really mellowed out since then. Plus, Brady and I don’t stress out when he cries like we used to lol. It’s crazy how much things change even over just a month! So if you’re in the month-one trenches, just know it gets better and those newborn snuggles pss by WAY too quickly. ❤️

For memories sake, I’m going to put the updates here that I’ve been doing over on social media.

2 Months

It’s official. We have a 2 month old! 👶🏽

The past month with Forrest has been our favorite. He has really mellowed out, gives us lots of eye contact and some pretty sweet smiles, is eating and sleeping like a champ (usually 7-9 hour sleep stretches at night!), doesn’t mind being around or held by other people, and he went on his first road trip/vacation!

It was a big month for our little guy, and a big month for his mom and dad too. We feel like we may be kind of sorta getting the hang of this thing. 🤪

❤️Forrest loves: eating, laying flat on his back, looking at fans, music, his extended family, sleeping in the car, bath time, and morning time.

❌Forrest doesn’t love: being held for too long, getting out of the bath (brr!), getting strapped into his car seat, and having his outfit changed (especially when it has to do with his feet).

Happy two months, little man! We love you more every day. ❤️

3 Months

It’s been 3 months since this little man’s birth day! I may say this every month, but it was our favorite month yet! 😍

This month Forrest really found his voice and smiles! He loves talking and smiling at anyone who gives him attention. ☺️ he wakes up once a night to eat but is sleeping a good 12 hours! I went back to work this month and Forrest has transitioned to time with Gammy and his aunt and cousins like a champ. This month people have really started commenting on his size. 😂 he’s got all the chub in the world and is getting long like his daddy! We are already filling out 3-6 month clothes. We love this little man more every day. He brings so much joy to those around him!

❤️Forrest loves: talking and smiling, fans, being outside, laying on his changing table, bath time, going on walks, reading books, chewing on his hands, being the center of attention. 🥰

❌Forrest doesn’t love: being awake in his car seat while in the car, being in the same position for too long, getting socks on, having to wait a few minutes to eat. 😂

4 Months

This past month has been our favorite (we’ve said that every month, ha!). But seriously… Forrest learned so much this month! He’s now grabbing things, eating his hands and anything within reach, he smiles and LAUGHS (oh my gosh it’s the best), and he truly brings joy to so many people. He’s a gift from the Lord.

❤️ Forrest loves: putting his red ball and his book in his mouth, chewing on his hands, being in the bathtub, eating, chatting, sleeping in his crib, being outside, being around family, music, being on his changing table and watching the TV. 🤪

❌Forrest doesn’t love: changing clothes, being in the same position for long, being held for too long, having the hiccups (which is unfortunate because he gets them all the time), staying up past his bedtime.

Thank you for keeping up with our little man! We love our community so much. 🥰


Forrest’s One Month Update


Read about Forrest’s birth story here! 

Forrest turned a month old! This first milestone seems so small, but it’s crazy what all can happen in a month! We love this little boy and the crazy ride our first month with him was. Being in the hospital consumed a quarter of it, but our weeks at home have been so meaningful and full of growth!

Brady and I feel like we are learning more and more about our son each day. What he likes… what he hates… how to calm him down… how to make him happy. It feels so good as a new parent to learn these little things. We are getting to know our little guy and it’s the best!

We’ve taken so many pictures and videos to try and capture this season and already love looking back to see how much he’s changed. Our little man has graduated out of newborn diapers and clothes and is now in size 1 and 0-3 month outfits. This makes me happy and breaks my heart at the same time! I love that he’s growing, I just hate how fast it happens. Forrest keeps getting longer and we are pretty sure he is over 10 pounds now. The little guy is getting heavy!

Breastfeeding has been going really well which I’m so thankful for! Forrest loves to eat, and during month 1 he would get hungry every 2 hours. His sleeping varied night to night, but he would usually go about 2-2.5 hours before waking up hungry. He also did a lot of cluster feeding, usually at the beginning of the night, where he would want to eat every hour.

After a week or two we started a bedtime routine of a bath, jammies, reading a Bible story, and family prayer before eating and being put to bed. It has become one of my favorite parts of the day! He loves taking baths and gets super still while in the water. Holding his little hand while we pray always makes my heart melt and I love hearing his daddy teach him about Jesus through reading the Bible.

Our first month was also stressful. Trying to figure out why a tiny human is upset is HARD! haha. Especially when they are new! As a wife, I’ve really struggled with taking my stress out on Brady in these moments. Any moment of stress, actually. It’s been so humbling to learn this about myself, and I’m praying God refines me in this area.

Watching Brady be a dad has been so sweet! He loves his son so very much and has been such a good helper to me, even in the middle of the night. Forrest and I are so blessed by this man! I hope Forrest grows up to be just like him.

As a baby shower/Christmas present, my sister and brother-in-law gifted us with a newborn photo session. This was such an amazing gift (keep this in mind for future babies in your life!) and these pictures are my new favorites. They were taken by Shelby of JD & Liana Works and she was wonderful! So peaceful and calm and didn’t mind the many breaks we needed to calm down a hungry baby. 😉

Thank you for reading, and before we know it we will be back for month two!



Forrest’s Birth Story

Forrest turns 3 weeks old here in a couple of days! I can’t believe all that has happened over these 3 weeks… life has changed dramatically and there are lots of details I don’t want to forget. Forrest’s birth story was different than I ever could have imagined. It ended up being a little more dramatic than we would have preferred, but it got us our baby boy and all is well now. 🙂

It started at 12:30 AM on January 17th. I woke up because it felt like I had peed my pants. I didn’t have any gushing liquid, so I just went to the bathroom, changed, and got back in bed figuring I had peed. haha! #pregnancyproblems

Not long after falling asleep again I felt the same leaking liquid, but this time it was more and even trickled down my leg. I got up, changed, and this time let Brady know that I thought my water may have broken. I still wasn’t sure though because I didn’t have a huge gush.

A little while later it happened AGAIN and then I felt some light contractions start around 1:30. After feeling a few contractions I decided to start tracking them to see if this could be the real deal. Neither Brady nor I were still fully convinced and were honestly really confused. My contractions were all over the place, varying in length and in minutes apart. They weren’t terribly painful yet, but I started to get worried about Forrest knowing that my water had possibly broken. I called my friend Hannah, who is a 3 time mama and doula, and let her know what was going on and to get some confirmation on whether or not she thought my water had broken. She did think it had and told me we could go to the hospital and be admitted or we could stay home for awhile to labor before being put on monitors.

We ended up staying home until 7:00. By this time my contractions were pretty painful and I had high hopes that I had dilated at least a few centimeters throughout the night. We finished packing our bags, got in the car, and headed to the hospital with hopes that we would be meeting our baby boy soon!


Once we got checked in and in a room at the hospital they checked to see if my water had for sure broken (by this time I was leaking everywhere, haha. Labor is humbling.) It indeed had, but even with all of the laboring I had done I was only dilated to a 1. (enter discouragement.) They called my doctor to ask him what we should do. He suggested putting in a foley balloon to help labor progress naturally, and to also get started on a small dose of pitocin to help me dilate quicker.


To be very honest, the foley balloon was terrible! It was a new level of discomfort having that in there, but thankfully it was only in for an hour or so and it helped me dilate to a 4. The pitocin also kicked in and I was in quite a bit of pain by this point.

Forrest Roberts Birth-25

Forrest Roberts Birth-1

My childhood friend, Paige, ended up being my nurse which was such a blessing! She talked me through everything and I felt super comfortable to ask all my questions. It was such a cool experience having her there and getting to watch her do her nurse thing!

It was at about this time that I decided to go for an epidural. The actual injection wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be and the relief it brought was wonderful. Labor from this point on was actually pretty peaceful, which I never expected! I think I even dozed off a couple of times. I could still feel the pressure of my contractions and I could move my legs, which is exactly what I was hoping for. And having that ability to relax made a huge difference! Within an hour I was dilated to a 9! We were all shocked, haha.

Forrest Roberts Birth-5

They called my doctor again and he wanted me to labor for another hour to get Forrest down lower and with hopes that he would turn his body and face down. Forrest’s heart rate kept slowing down, so Paige would have me switch from laying on one side to the other which always helped it go back up. It was a little alarming to hear it slow down so much, but he was being taken care of!

One Dr. Christman arrived, he tried to rotate Forrest a little more and then let me know it was time to start pushing. This is when a million doctors entered the room. I ended up having a mirror so I could watch Forrest enter the world which was kind of weird but also so awesome! It gave me more motivation while pushing since I could see his head emerging more with each effort. Paige was my counter and let me know when to push with each contraction. We ended up pushing for about 25 minutes, and then at 4:14 PM I saw Forrest’s tiny body slide out and enter the world! It was surreal and beautiful and such an amazing moment!

Forrest Roberts Birth-34Forrest Roberts Birth-48Forrest Roberts Birth-59Forrest Roberts Birth-62

Forrest Roberts Birth-67Forrest Roberts Birth-69Forrest Roberts Birth-70Forrest Roberts Birth-73Forrest Roberts Birth-75Forrest Roberts Birth-88

Forrest Roberts Birth-97

Brady and I were instantly in tears. It was the first time I had seen my husband cry and both of us were pretty emotional. They suctioned out Forrest’s lungs and wiped him down and then instantly laid him on my chest. I got to kiss his sweet head and snuggle his little body for the next hour or so. He latched and ate a little bit while Brady and I stared at all of his sweetness. During this time I also birthed my placenta and my 2nd degree tears got stitched up. That was a little uncomfortable, but hard to pay attention to with everything else that was going on.

Forrest Roberts Birth-94Forrest Roberts Birth-89Forrest Roberts Birth-85

After awhile everyone cleared the room besides Brady, Paige, and our new nurse. Once we had gotten in plenty of skin-to-skin time, our new nurse took Forrest to weigh him and do a few other things. Brady was eager to hold his son once she was done and got up to take some pictures of our baby boy. He let the excited grandparents know they could come back to see him as they weighed him.

Forrest Roberts Birth-100

This part is a total blur to me now. As the nurse was working on Forrest, she let us know that his temperature was pretty low and that she was going to test his blood sugar levels to see if that was the cause. She continued weighing him and Brady and I’s parents came in. Everyone was so excited. We found out he weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz and was 20 inches long. The nurse got the test results back and learned that Forrest’s blood sugar was at 24 and it needed to be at 40. I loved this nurse and hate that I can’t think of her name! She stayed pretty calm, let me know that they were going to need to put Forrest on a special floor so that he could get an IV, and continued to rush through the rest of the newborn procedures so that they could get him upstairs.


Brady and I didn’t really know what it meant that his blood sugar was low. We didn’t know if it was serious or if this was normal. Once again, this part seems like such a blur to me now. There were so many emotions happening. They ended up taking Forrest upstairs and Brady went with him, leaving me in the room alone. I remember being in a daze, and now looking back, I have realized that this moment was really traumatic for me. My mom and sister came in to see if I wanted people around me. Once I saw them I started crying and all of the emotions came crashing down. My mom-in-law and sister-in-law also came in to pray with me.

After that, my nurse was back and she helped me go to the bathroom, get changed, and sit in a wheelchair so I could head upstairs to Forrest and Brady. Forrest was a champ as he got his IV in his hand and got hooked up to liquids to help his levels go up. Brady finally got to hold his son for a few minutes. They put Forrest under heat lamps once we got into our new room. They gave us tons of info and tried to explain what was going on. They needed his blood sugars to go up and to see Forrest regulate his body temperature on his own before we would be released. It was an emotional night for Brady and I. It’s so hard to see your new baby hooked up to monitors and to have an IV coming from his hand! I have so much new love and appreciation for the strength parents show when their kiddos are hospitalized.

Forrest was able to regulate his body temperature after a day or two. After a couple of days they started to wean him off of his IV fluids (his line was now in his head which looks awful. He was a champ though!) They would test his blood sugar every 3 hours with a foot prick to draw blood. (He got pricked about 50 times in his first few days of life which is so sad!) The whole process was an emotional roller coaster. He would be doing great and would be able to be weaned a little more, and then his next test would go in the wrong direction and we’d have to up his fluid levels again. Thankfully we were able to hold our little man and I could feed him as normal throughout the process.



We ended up being in the hospital for 7 days. We were surrounded by awesome nurses and we were overwhelmed with the love and support shown to us from our family and friends. We were never short on food, coffee, prayers, or a person to talk to! Forrest amazed us with the way he handled all of the testing and disturbances, and finally by the last day he was regulating his blood sugars on his own and we were able to head home.

We’ve now been home almost 2 weeks and our time at the hospital feels so long ago! I’m so grateful for the care we received and for the knowledge that our boy is now healthy and ready to take on the world!

These pictures were taken by the wonderful Heather Kindall. Having a labor and delivery photographer was a last minute decision, but I’m so grateful we have these sweet moments captured! And Heather is awesome. If you need a photographer for any big life event you should contact her! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading this lengthy post about Forrest’s birthday! More baby updates to come. ❤

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A Letter to My Son, Before You are Born

January 9, 2019

My sweet Forrest John,

Just typing that greeting brings tears to my eyes. You’ve been in my belly for over 38 weeks now and your dad and I are so incredibly excited to meet you soon! Feeling you kick and move and hiccup are highlights of our days. You’ve already brought so much joy to us, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, and so many dear friends who love you already. God has given you a great community to be born into! You’re a lucky guy, little man.

First of all, you need to know that you have the best dad. Like, ever. He loves talking to you and feeling you in my belly. He prays for you all the time. And he dreams about watching you grow up and all the fun things you will do together! His deepest desire is that you will grow to know Jesus personally, and Forrest, he will be the best example of what this looks like for you. He is so wise and loving and serves with all of his heart. I can’t wait to watch the two of you together and I pray you grow up and take on so many of his qualities! You boys are going to have a blast together and I pray your dad becomes your role model and hero.

As your mama, I can’t wait to see what it’s like to raise a boy. I don’t feel like I know anything about boys, but I’m so thankful you’ll be the one to teach me. I can’t wait to see what things bring you joy, what little quirks you have, and the gifts God gives to you. I can’t wait to learn to be a mom. I love you so much already! I can only imagine how that love is going to explode once I finally get to see your little face. I’m going to mess up a lot and make so many mistakes, but I hope that through it all, you gain an understanding of our brokenness and need for grace. I pray I can be an example of humility and forgiveness for you through the next 18 years and beyond!

As I’ve prayed for you over the last 9 months, God keeps bringing the word “warrior” to my mind. I am praying that you become a warrior for the Kingdom of God. That you surrender your life to our Savior and see the need you have for grace. My prayer for your life is that you allow God to use you with the unique qualities you will be given. I pray you will live with an eternal perspective, always remembering the big picture and striving to love others as Jesus does. And I pray that your dad and I will be able to disciple you and guide you throughout your life.

I am so excited to meet you, son! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and watch your life unfold. You will always be dearly loved!

Love you now and forever,

Your mama


The Less-Talked About Effects of Pregnancy

As we enter into week 34 of pregnancy, I can whole-heartedly say that it has been a journey of both awe and confusion. Pregnancy is truly remarkable… never before have I been so convinced that we have a perfect Creator who has designed our bodies to do something absolutely amazing. At the same time, I have been confused, grossed out, and plainly surprised at what making a baby can do to your body and emotions.

A large number of my friends are already mamas, so I’ve heard tons of stories and felt semi-knowledgable about pregnancy before actually getting pregnant. Even so, there have been quite a few surprises for me and I credit that to the fact that every pregnancy is super different and there are some topics that are just awkward to talk about.

SO, I wanted to share some of my surprises here, because if you are going through the same thing, I want you to know you aren’t alone! Plus, I want to remember these things down the road when pregnancy is a thing of the past.


Some of these may be TMI, so read at your own risk! But here we go…


I didn’t feel connected to my baby until I felt him move.

I was a bag of mixed emotions my first trimester and struggled with a lot of fears of losing my baby. This created an emotional barrier between us, and I remember struggling to feel connected to him even after seeing him in our first sonogram. It wasn’t until I felt him move at around 17 weeks that I truly felt like a mama. I wasn’t expecting that!

Having a “healthy” pregnancy isn’t easy.

In the past, I had always told myself that I couldn’t wait to have a healthy pregnancy so that I could be the best mama for my little babe. I had every intention to workout the whole time, eat healthy, etc. This all sounded great until my food aversions kicked in and just the thought of vegetables and chicken made me want to gag. I had a lot of nausea my first trimester which made exercise one of the last things on my to-do list. Basically, I made up every excuse in the book to indulge in carbs and watch Netflix over being active. Things have gotten much better with time and as my aversions have gone away, but it’s still a daily battle!

All the discharge.

Before I did some research, I got freaked out by the amount of discharge that happens… down there… during pregnancy. At first I thought something was wrong with me, but after some research I learned this is totally normal and healthy. It’s not a fun side effect, but it’s super common and I’m thankful my body knows what it’s doing!

Battling negative body image.

I’ve always thought pregnant women are so beautiful, but I’ve learned that having that image of your own body while you’re gaining weight and seeing changes is a challenge. I believe what my body is doing is absolutely beautiful, but I don’t always feel that way when I look in the mirror. Praise God for a husband who tries to debunk these thoughts as much as possible!


The bra situation.

One of the first side effects I saw were my boobs getting huge. In fact, that’s how one of my friends knew I was pregnant! haha. This has been frustrating for me because finding bras that aren’t super pricey but make you feel comfortable has been a pain in the butt. I still haven’t found one that I’m completely sold on, so if you have any suggestions for a larger-chested gal please let me know!

The time is flying by.

Nine months sounds like such a long time! I always figured the time would drag by, but it has flown. I can only imagine how fast it’ll go once he’s actually here!

Oh hey there constipation and hemorrhoids. 

I already struggle with constipation, so that has only been exemplified with everything else going on in that region. And as of 31 weeks, I have officially experienced my first hemorrhoids due to the extra pressure from said constipation and my uterus. I had no clue this happened! Apparently it’s going to get worse before it gets better, so that’s fun!

Brady bonding with his son.

I wasn’t sure how well Brady would be able to connect with our son since he’s not carrying him, but it’s been so cool to see the two of them bond. Brady loves talking to him and feeling him kick and prays for him often. I love it! I can tell our little guy recognizes his voice and will be active when he hears dad after a day when I’ve been at work. I don’t know how scientifically sound that is, but I like to think he’s saying hi to his dad. 🙂


Daily congestion.

Literally since week 4, I’ve woken up every day with a super runny nose. It typically goes away throughout the day, but never ceases to be back the next morning!

The mom community.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the community we’ve gotten to experience throughout pregnancy. From mom friends who give me advice, tell me what I’m going to need, and convince me that I’m not going crazy to the community who has gone above and beyond to help us with physical needs, we have been blessed. It is so reassuring to know we aren’t in this alone and that help will always be right around the corner.

All the nerves. 

Here I am talking about literal nerves, haha. Around week 12 the top half of my left thigh went numb and I haven’t felt it since! It is so strange. That along with sciatic nerve pain and random pains in my abdomen have taught me so much about how everything in our body is connected! Most of the times I look up a new pain or weird feeling, it has to do with baby pushing on one nerve or another.

The female body is incredible.

Pregnancy has only grown my appreciation and awe for the Lord as our Creator. He literally thought of every detail when it comes to forming a human within a womb, and all I’ve had to do is live life and let it happen. I’ve been fascinated as I read what is developing each week… from my immune system decreasing in order for my body not to attack the baby to our little guy growing peach fuzz all over his body to keep him warm before fattening up… no single detail has gone unnoticed. Praise God!


Were you able to relate to any of these? Let me know! Or if you had a different unexpected side effect, I’d love to hear what it was. Overall, I’m so thankful to be experiencing this gift and it’s getting harder and harder to be patient for little man’s arrival. Only 6 more weeks!!!


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9 Things I’m Loving Right Now

Hey friends! I hope you all are enjoying falls so far. Football+cool weather+sweaters+hot drinks+boots+changing leaves… all of these things are some of my favorites ever. And along those lines, I wanted to share a few things I’ve been loving! I’ve been telling friends and family about them, so I thought I better share here too!

This Journal


This has to go first because it has become one of my favorite parts of each day. Throughout my walk with the Lord I feel like I’ve tried so many different journals, studies, reading plans, etc. and this is by far my favorite! It was recommended to me in a season where my time with the Lord felt scatter-brained and I couldn’t focus well. This journal is beautiful and also helps guide you through your time in the Word in a way that helps you experience Scripture in a new way. I see myself using it for years to come! It’s so worth the price to me, but I’ve seen a 10% off code floating around Instagram so check for that!

These Pajamas


Am I the only one out there who would do almost anything to find the coziest pajamas?! I’d seen these from multiple bloggers and finally asked for them for my birthday.

They. Are. Wonderful.

So incredibly soft, they come in lots of colors, and I feel like they are going to last forever because of the quality. I’ve also heard they are great for nursing and in the hospital after delivery. So expectant mamas, treat yo self! I do see them on sale from time to time, so keep an eye on them if the price scares you a bit!

This Quick Lunch 


This might seem like a weird thing to add, but I’m all about finding super easy and healthy meals and these fit the bill. I’ve loved throwing one of these little packets into my lunchbox (haha, is there a classier name for lunchbox?) to eat with a salad. Easy protein? YES PLEASE. I’ve been trying to make healthier choices for my sweet baby boy and these have really helped! I’ve been getting them at Dillon’s but I’m sure every grocer has them!

These Scrunchies


Ok guys, if you’re into the scrunchie trend then you need these in your life. This pack of 20 beautiful colors is only $12.99. They make any ponytail a little more feminine and you’ll definitely have a color to match any outfit. I’ve loved them as a PE teacher because I’m always looking for ways to look a little more girly at work!

These Headbands


And while we’re on the subject of hair things, these headbands have become my new favorite. They are pretty wide so it’s easy to find different ways to wear them. There are so many cute designs and colors, and best yet, you can get them with Amazon Prime! They come from a small business which I always love supporting, but they are also the best priced, quality headbands I’ve found so far. Love them! Also, you can get 15% off until the end of October with the code FALL15.

This Cornbread Recipe

Another random add, but this recipe has become a family favorite for us. Growing up I never liked cornbread because it was always so dry. This recipe is incredibly moist and goes GREAT with a bowl of chili. It makes a large quantity so it’s also great for entertaining!

This Mascara


Mascara is a daily staple for me and I’m so so thankful to have found this brand! I got a sample in an Ipsy bag last month and loved it instantly. It makes your lashes seem longer and thicker with just one coat. I don’t know how it does it! Once my sample ran out I tried going back to my old mascara and instantly missed this stuff. I’m usually super cheap when it comes to make-up, but this mascara seems worth it to me! I also love that the brand donates an item of make-up to a woman in a rough situation with your purchase. If you’re needing something new for your lashes try this out!

This Book 


This was one of those books that was very hard to put down and I finished it in a weekend. This is kind of embarrassing but I refused to pick up another book for awhile because I was so sad it was over! I fell in love with the main character and all of her quirks. It’s well-written, has a beautiful story, and it keeps you guessing as you go. If you’re in need of a light, fun read, Eleanor Oliphant is your girl. Let me know if you want to borrow my copy!

This Cardigan


Last but never least is this lovely chenille cardigan. I’m a sucker for chenille and the fact that it makes you feel like you’re wearing a blanket. I’ll take that every day! I love the oversized fit and so does my preggo belly. I was in need of a black cardigan so I went with that, but it was hard for me to walk away from both the blush and mustard colors. So pretty!


Alright, I hope something on this list called out to you! And I’d love to hear something you’ve been loving lately in the comments below. Hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Thanks for reading. 🙂