A Year in Review


Well, well, well… I am officially in my late twenties! (haha) I just say that to make my parents feel old.

Turning 27 definitely feels a bit weird. Birthdays get less exciting the older you get, but I love to look back and see what all God did with the past year of my life. It was a pretty epic one! Here are some highlights…


Brady Roberts

This man is definitely at the top of the list here, which is probably a surprise to no one. He blows me away with who he is every day and the best friend I have in him. I can’t thank God enough for thinking it was a good thing to bring us together this past year.


Ending My Teaching Career

This move was very scary and a heavy decision to make. I know not everyone understands my decision, but I’m thankful to now be doing something I am passionate about and enjoy. Change can be a good thing! I sure do miss those kiddos though!


Auna Getting Married

Seeing my little sister marry a man who loves her so well was a dream come true! I love having a little brother now and I love the way he takes care of Auna. Their wedding day was one of my favorite days ever! They are truly worth celebrating.


Called Into Light Community

Over the past year, God grew my heart like crazy for community, and more specifically, providing community for women seeking to grow in health. He gave me a vision for CIL and I love walking with Him through the unknowns of how to lead women in this way! Plus, learning to run your own business/ministry means you get to trust God with lots of new things.


Battle With Food

Real life means that not everything has been sunshine and roses. God has been walking with me through a battle with food… binging, emotional eating, overeating… and showing me how to turn to Him when I am in need rather than food. This has been really hard in all honesty, but I know it is something so many other women can relate to. I feel like I will be learning these lessons for the rest of my life, so I’m glad they are starting now!



One of my favorite things in the world is to travel and see new places, things, and culture. This past year I was able to visit one of my best girls, Kelsie, in Colorado Springs. She took me hiking all over the place and we got to experience so much of God’s beauty together. I also got to go on a cruise to Jamaica and the Bahamas with my dear friend Lindsay. It was such a gift to soak in time at the beach! Lastly, I was able to experience the sights of Nashville with part of my team. It was a blast!! One of those experiences where your friends feel more like family.



I’ve been able to live with my wonderful cousins, Jessica and Kemper, for a little over a year now. It has blessed my life so much! You know that when you can live with family and not hate each other after a few months, your friendship goes deeper than a bloodline.

God, you have been so sweet and good to me this past year. I love that you are always growing us as your children. Every moment has a purpose and doesn’t go unnoticed by you. I pray this coming year is full of growth, new experiences, and that you show me how to trust you more. Please be in each and every step I take, and use my life to bring you glory. In your sweet name I pray. 

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