Why Singleness Rocks

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…

Ecclesiastes 3:1

It is kind of blowing my mind that Brady and I will be married in less than a month. Our marriage is the answer to so many prayers by our families and ourselves. I’m a typical girl, which totally means I’ve had my “dream guy list” since high school and would envision our future together. I loved praying for him before I even knew him and wondering who this man would end up being. Boy, did God blow my list out of the water! Brady Roberts is better than anything I dreamed up… but that’s not the point of this post. ūüėČ

The point of this post is that Brady and I are getting married later in life than most of our friends and God called both of us to singleness through most of our 20s.

Singleness is a word that can sometimes put a bad taste in your mouth. (Any single ladies feel me?!) I definitely had my moments where I vented to God about this, but I am so thankful that for most of my singleness, God showed me what a blessing he was giving me.

There are blessings in every season of life. We are human, and it’s hard not to compare our lives to other’s, but we can always rest in the fact that Jesus is meeting us exactly where we are at. He meets us in¬†singleness, dating, marriage, motherhood… and the list goes on. We are exactly where we are for a specific reason.

So yes, I have been the girl who loved singleness and hated it. But today I want to focus on the blessings I found throughout this season of life. Ladies, if you are single, take hold of these things. And for my friends who are married, encourage the single ladies in your life to maximize the season they are in.

Why Singleness Rocks

  1. Location: when you are single, you have an immense amount of FREEDOM. One of my favorite things about this was getting to live in unique places because the only person who it directly affected was me. This allowed me to live and serve in the Philippines for 2 years after college, where I was able to grow up a bit and learn so much! When you are single, you can be adventurous and spontaneous with where you choose to live. 
  2. Time: when you are single, your time belongs to YOU. You make plans based off of your own schedule and interests. This is something I really tried to take advantage of. You have more time to invest in others and the things you love. You have time to pick up new hobbies and be spontaneous. Weekend trips with girlfriends are easy. When you are single, your time and schedule is your own.
  3. Money: when you are single, you get to choose how you spend your money. I believe every penny we have comes from the Lord and we should give a portion back to him… but besides that, you choose where each dollar goes. I don’t mean you have full permission to just blow your money, but it’s a new ballgame when someone else’s wellbeing, wisdom, and leadership is involved. I think this freedom looks different for everybody, but I know I’ve enjoyed getting to choose¬†where my money goes. When you are single, you get to choose how you spend or save your money.
  4. Friendships: when you are single, you have more time to invest in your friendships. I’m not saying that once you’re married you forget about your friends, but I think we all know that friendships change a little when a person gets married. The way we spend our time changes, which means the amount of time we get with our friends changes. When you are single, you are able to invest in your friendships at a very deep level.
  5. Responsibility: when you are single, you are responsible for yourself and the things you wish to take responsibility for. You need to get groceries? You only¬†get the things you want to eat. You are buying a car? You find one that meets your own needs. You want to have “organized mess” in your room? Go for it.¬†When you are single you are not less responsible, but you are only responsible for your own well-being.

So, there is my list. My list of the most practical, day-to-day blessings I experienced through being single. Don’t get me wrong… I am so, so excited for this next season of life as a wife, but there are things Brady and I will both miss about being single.

So, my friend, if you are single, please look at your life and find the blessings. Never forget that God has a plan for you, and you can serve him best by embracing the season you are in.

Jesus, I love that life involves so many seasons. I love that you have a perfect plan for each one of your children, and you promise to carry us every single day. Please show us how to embrace where we are at and serve you to the best of our abilities. In your name I pray.

Please share: What have been your biggest blessings in singleness?

1 thought on “Why Singleness Rocks”

  1. This is so fantastically written (if I can make that a word). I have definitely tried to take advantage of all the things you mentioned! Time to myself, time with friends, my money, responsibilities, and especially where I live. My considerations have been for myself, my needs, and my career. Some of the biggest blessings of singleness has been during my time here in Hawaii. Just the time to truly enjoy God’s beauty, and to grow more and more in him. The time to work out and focus on myself out here has truly been a blessing as well. I am so happy for you and your marriage coming up! I am praying for you friend!


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