Gift Ideas for HER

Christmas is almost here!! I love the holiday season so much! How could you not love pretty lights, happy spirits, and the reminder of the sweet gift of Jesus?!

It is so fun to be able to give those you love special gifts, but there is always the struggle of knowing what to get.

Below are a few of my personal FAVORITES! Hopefully some of them will meet the needs of the ladies in your life!

Gifts for HER (1).jpg

  1. She Reads Truth Gift Card– I have been using the She Reads Truth study guides for almost a year now and absolutely LOVE them. I can’t count the amount of people I’ve recommended them to! They are beautifully designed and the Scriptures they put together have truly helped me deepen my faith. This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves the Word, or for someone who is wanting to know how to study Scripture better!
  2. Scarlet & Gold Tees– Is this tee not the cutest?! I love this company because it is run by a group of women passionate about using their gifts for the glory of the Lord. I personally have purchased one of their tank tops, but this shirt is next on my list!
  3. Fitbit Blaze– This is the priciest thing on the list, but definitely worth mentioning! I purchased my own Blaze after hearing about how great it was from a friend, and I have no regrets! It has been a game changer during my workouts because it allows you to keep track of your heart rate. I also love the sleep tracking feature and easy-to-use app. Plus, it comes in this super cute pink and gold color combo right now… so yea.
  4. Leather Journal– If you know someone who loves to write, a beautiful journal is the way to go. I had this particular leather journal from Barnes & Noble and it lasted me over a year while holding up great! They have a huge selection of these pretties so you’re bound to find one she’ll love!
  5. Make It Happen by Lara Casey– This book is perfect for the friend in your life who is a go-getter. Lara Casey is incredibly encouraging as she shares her faith-based story about running a business. She gives practical steps you can take to follow your dream and make it happen. You can’t help but feel on fire after reading this one!
  6. Flannel PJs– I got these last year for Christmas and they are my go-to for when it’s cold! I belovedly call them my polar-bear pants and think this year’s version is super cute! And super affordable.
  7. Monogram Coffee Mug– Anthropologie mugs are so fun to give because they are beautiful and personalized for the coffee or tea lover in your life. This new-to-me floral version is absolutely gorgeous and I may just have to buy one for myself…
  8. Harney & Sons Tea– Few things are better than sitting down at night with a Christmas movie, hot cup of tea, and the ones you love. Harney & Sons teas are delicious, and you can use the cute tins they come in for decoration or as a vase when you’re done. It’s a win win situation.
  9. Wireless Headphones– These babies have been another game changer in my life. I have loved the ability to run and workout with headphones without having to worry about the annoying cord getting in my way. Brady has this particular version and he loves them as well!

There you have it! Some of my day-to-day favorites that can hopefully meet the needs of the ladies in your life.

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

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