Spaghetti Squash + Turkey Meatballs

This recipe is full of delicious, whole ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds along with your health goals!

There is nothing like taking a healthy spin on an old classic! One of my favorite things is to find favorite recipes or foods, and find a way to make them more nutritious with less processed ingredients. My husband, Brady, is a big fan of spaghetti, so this italian dish found it’s place on our week’s menu!

I used the Fixate Cookbook for the turkey meatball recipe with a few adaptations based on what I could find at the store and the time I had to prepare it. (It’s an amazing cookbook if you’re looking for simple, healthy recipes or if you’re completing the 21 Day Fix program!)

I hope you and your family enjoy this meal as much as we did! Bon appetit!

Spaghetti Squash + Turkey Meatballs

(Adapted from Fixate Cookbook)



1 Spaghetti Squash (medium size)
1 TSP Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

1 lb. Lean Ground Turkey
2 TBSP Olive Oil
1 Medium Onion, finely chopped
3-5 Cloves of Garlic, chopped (It’s your preference on the amount)
2/3 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs
1/4 Cup 2% Milk
2 Eggs
1/4 TSP Oregano
1/4 TSP Parsley
1/4 TSP Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt
1/4 TSP Ground Pepper
2 TBSP Grated Parmesan Cheese

1 Jar Spaghetti Sauce (go for low sodium and organic if possible)


Step 1: Spaghetti Squash

1. Heat oven to 400.
2. Slice the squash in half and remove seeds and fibers from the middle.

3. Brush inside of squash with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, to taste.
4. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and top with the squash, face down.
5. Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, depending on size of squash. The edges should start to brown.
6. Remove from oven and let cool. Use a fork to shred the squash until it looks like spaghetti noodles.


Step 2: Turkey Meatballs

Once the squash is in the oven, start on the meatballs!

1. Heat oil on medium to low heat in a skillet.
2. Add chopped onion and stir frequently for 5-6 minutes, or until onion is translucent.
3. Add garlic and stir for one more minute.
4. In a bowl, mix the ground turkey, onion mixture, bread crumbs, milk, eggs, oregano, parsley, salt, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Mix well with your hands or a wooden spoon.
5. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, lightly sprayed with cooking oil.
6. With clean, wet hands, roll meat mixture into small balls and place on baking sheet. Recipe should make around 40 small meatballs or 20 large meatballs.
7. Turn oven to 425 (once squash is out) and bake for 13-18 minutes, or until meatballs begin to brown.


Step 3: Spaghetti Sauce

This is the easy part! Heat your sauce, covered, on medium to low heat. Stir occasionally.

Once all of your ingredients are prepared, plate your meal and wa la! You’re done! 🙂 Please let me know what you think if you try this recipe. I’d love your feedback!


Next time, I plan to make extra meatballs to freeze and save for an easy meal later on. I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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