Top 10 Planners for 2017

Happy Tuesday, everyone! If you’re anything like me, you love being organized, but maybe you are running a little behind and haven’t bought your 2017 planner yet. 😉  Well I am here to announce that IT’S NOT TOO LATE! We can still get our lives together, and planners are so helpful in doing that!

Last week, I asked you all on Facebook what your favorite planners were, and you gave me so many great names and companies to look at! It’s been fun doing a little research, and I’m hoping you can benefit from it by looking through this list!

Now the question is… how are you ever supposed to choose one?!


  1. Color Your Year by Workman Publishing

How fun is this?! With the whole coloring book craze, it makes sense to have a coloring calendar! There is a wall hanging version along with a day-by-day option. These are more for fun, decorative pieces that could also contribute to stress relief as you color them. 🙂



2. Erin Condren LifePlanner

This planner has many beautiful covers to choose from and you can add your name for a personal touch! Some other great features are it’s customizable options for the layout and color scheme, and the many accessories that you can add to your order to make your planner your own.



3. Emily Ley Simplified Planner

If you like to plan down to the hour of each day, this planner may be fore you! Emily Ley also offers several fun cover designs, and the page layouts are crisp and clean, making your life automatically seem less cluttered.



4. Inkwell Press liveWELL Planner

These planners have some of my favorite designs! The horizontal layout provides plenty of room for notes and to-do list making. There are also goal setting pages along with habit trackers for each month. I’m a big fan of all this planner has to offer!


5. Hello Life 18-Month Create 365 Happy Planner

These Big Happy Planners can be found at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s (check for a coupon online before you buy!), and they’re a lot of fun! The covers are eye-catching and motivational, and there are so many fun accessories you can purchase to make your planner just your own. This would be a great one for creatives!


6. Passion Planner

The Passion Planner is wonderful for business owners and goal-getters. It allows you to be crazy organized with your schedule, and it provides pages for goal setting each month along with reflections at the end of the month. I used this planner last year and enjoyed the weekly motivational quotes and the fact that it has you write down gratitudes as your days go by.


7. Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark

I have my eye on this one! Not only is it a schedule planner, but there are also pages for meal planning, monthly budgeting, task lists, and dreams and goals. It’s beautifully designed and I might just be a sucker for this floral cover…


8. Plum Paper

Plum Paper planners are another great, customizable option! There are TONS of cover designs to choose from along with fun fonts if you want to add your name or a quote. You can even customize the columns and rows inside of your planner and the vibrant colors will definitely make your day brighter.



9. Encouragement Planner by Dara Lorraine

This fun journal is currently sold out, but I love that it contains many different verses on its pages to keep you encouraged as you go about your day. This planner also focuses on goal planning and reflections, habit tracking, budgeting, and list making.


10. Day Designer by Blue Sky

Last summer, Day Designer made a version of their planner for Target, and it is my favorite planner I’ve ever had! It allows you to be detailed in your scheduling and list-making, but it’s not so detailed that it’s overwhelming. Plus, they’re super cute!


So, those are my top 10 planner recommendations based off what you all love! I can’t wait to choose one and keep my life organized as a new wife. 🙂 Which one are you going to choose?!


Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite way to stay organized and on schedule?

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