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Love Your Spouse Challenge

Walking through Target’s aisle of glittery pink and red heart decor brought back the many mixed emotions Valentine’s Day has caused me through the years.

It started with being little and hoping my crush put a valentine in my homemade, glittery box. Then we move to high school, where having a boyfriend in February was a big deal, and if you were single you’d try and act like you could care less… when deep down you were heartbroken. Next was college, where I learned to enjoy spending the day with my best girlfriends and making ridiculous videos (Lion King music video, anyone?). And now that I am married, I can’t wait to show some extra love to my husband next week!

Wives, when you think about spoiling your husband on this Hallmark holiday, what feelings come up? Joy and excitement? Or maybe you’re more on the lines of resentment and pain?

Our marriages are all in different places and we’re experiencing different things. Maybe you are in a sweet spot where you feel blessed every day to have your husband by your side. Or maybe you’re experiencing trials, and you’re not quite sure how to keep loving the man in your life.

Wherever you’re at, I dare you to take the Love Your Spouse Challenge and see how your marriage improves.

Starting Monday, a few of my favorite ladies and I will be hosting this love challenge in a Facebook group.  Lindsay, Amber, Nichole and I range from married with kids to newly married (that’s me!) and can’t wait to work on loving our husbands and improving our marriages with you!

Untitled design.png

Each day the group will consist of ways to pray for your husband, Scripture, date night ideas, and a challenge for you to do FOR your husband. I hear some husbands might be making guest appearances too, so that’ll be fun and entertaining…ha!

We will be in it together, wifey’s, growing to love the men God allows us to do life with. What can a little prayer and service do in your marriage?

This group is completely free! And there might be a fun giveaway at the end… *BONUS*! Comment below or message me on Facebook so I can get you added in! Let’s do this ladies. 🙂

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