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Our Best Day Ever

December 10th, 2016

I remember waking up that morning with so much peace. I was going to marry my best friend that day. My accountability partner. My adventure buddy. The man who made me better and showed me Jesus. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!

Now that it’s been 2 1/2 months, I’m so sad that some of the details of our day are becoming a blur. This day wasn’t perfect, but it was perfect for us.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing Brady for the first time that day, or how cold it was when we took our pictures. I’ll never forget my bridesmaids and I getting stuck in a van right before the ceremony, or looking at our loved ones as I walked down the aisle, or Brady’s dad (who was also our officiant) tearing up when he talked about his son. I’ll never forget my sweet husband reading his handwritten vows to me, or the fact that we forgot about glasses for our first toast and used mugs instead (way more us anyway). I’ll never forget dancing with some of my best friends at the reception, or being COVERED in fake snow as we made our grand exit.

I don’t ever want to forget these things, and I’m forever grateful that Kelcy Leigh Photography was there to capture the day for when my memories fade. I found Kelcy through social media awhile ago. (Her Instagram is killer!) I have always loved her heart to capture the love present at weddings and her pictures are stunning. I instantly knew I wanted her to photograph our wedding and I’m so thankful it worked out, even with a short engagement timeline!

Brady and I got coffee with Kelcy before our engagement picture session and we instantly felt connected. She is fun, spunky, easy to talk to, and made us feel super comfortable as we shared our story with her and went over wedding details. As we took pictures we were able to laugh and be ourselves and felt totally comfortable doing something we weren’t super familiar with. Brady even had fun taking our pictures which is a big win! 😉

Our wedding day was no different. I loved having Kelcy there with us along with her second shooter, Conlee Arpin. Even though it was quite chilly, we had fun taking pictures before the ceremony with our favorite people. One thing I really appreciated about Kelcy is that she listens to what you want and is willing to take the pictures you feel you need!

I would recommend Kelcy to anyone in need of a wedding or portrait photographer. You’re guaranteed to have a good time, make a new friend, and to get some beautiful pictures in the process. Visit her website if you’d like more information!

And now I will bombard you with pictures. 😉

Photos: Kelcy Leigh Photography

Hair and Make Up: Bri Bloyer Designs

Venue: Camp Hiawatha

Flowers: Susan’s Floral

Roberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0071.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0076.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0041.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0086.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0110.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0113.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0133.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0148.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0159.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0176.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0198.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0088.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0100.jpgRoberts Wedding-Getting Ready-0106.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0001.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0004.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0005.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0011.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0031.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0033.jpgRoberts%20Wedding-Nicole%20Brady-0034.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0036.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0043.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0092.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0054.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0117.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0064 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0168.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0154.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0141 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0006.jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0055.jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0100.jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0037.jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0042 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Formals-0046.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0035.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0049.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0044.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0026.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0051.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0063.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0069.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0067.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0090.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0107.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0111.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0118.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0121.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0124.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0126.jpgRoberts Wedding-Ceremony-0128 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0183.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0204.jpgRoberts Wedding-Nicole Brady-0186.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0006 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0063.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0025 (1).jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0060.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0079.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0116.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0110.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0127.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0149.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0154.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0162.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0187.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0267.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0250.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0214.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0217.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0269.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0194.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0274.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0325.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0310.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0270.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0262.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0267.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0275.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0337.jpgRoberts Wedding-Reception-0332.jpg

Yep. Our best day ever.

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