Whole30: Week 4 Review

Well my friends, after 30 days, my Whole30 journey is officially over! (cue streamers and confetti, please) This is a Week 4 review, but I’m going to add in the last 2 days and make it my final recap.

Here are my previous recaps if you’d like to see how the journey has gone!

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And now for our last review…

The Good

The last days went better as far as meal prep goes. We created some delicious recipes and even served some to guests! I love that Whole30 compliant food is truly yummy, and I didn’t have to feel bad at all about making others eat a compliant meal. Recipes from this week included Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken with Butternut Squash (MY FAVORITE!), Spinach Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes, mini and large frittatas, Shrimp and Sausage Skillet, steak fajitas, and this super tasty Sweet Barbeque Pulled Pork. They were all recipes worth trying! IMG_8466.JPGIMG_8521.JPG

My energy levels and sleep were great, and I busted out 4 workouts (I think!) that felt good for the mind and body. I did weigh myself on Day 31 and lost a few pounds, but nothing substantial. I’m thinking this is because I still need to work on portion control, especially with sweet potatoes and fruit! I was a little bummed I didn’t lose more weight, but I’m thankful a bit is gone and I’m going to put the scale back in the closet so that it isn’t my focus! I’m liking the change in thinking as far as weight/being healthy goes. I’d rather focus on being healthy and treating my body well rather than being at a certain weight. It’s hard (anyone hear me?!), but worth it!

The Bad

So I have to be honest with you guys. I ended my Whole30 one meal early. I know I know… but I’m honestly at peace with it. It was a special occasion with family. I prayed about it. Felt okay about it. And now it’s over! And the funny thing is that it didn’t taste absolutely amazing or anything like that and I could totally tell a difference in my stomach minutes after consuming part of a breadstick. So crazy! So yes, your body definitely reacts differently to the different foods you eat.

Another thing that started to get to us was the amount of DISHES Whole30 requires. You cook a lot on this program and our sink always seemed to have a pile of dishes somewhere in it. Brady has been wonderful and loves to help with them while I cook, but the constant need for dish washing definitely got to us! IMG_8513.JPG

I have been a little frustrated with my digestion, as my system still doesn’t seem to have any rhythm. I had hopes it was getting better in Week 3, but that only lasted a few days. Maybe someday I’ll find the cure, but Whole30 didn’t seem to do it. I’m bummed!


So, if I did Whole30 again, here is what I would do differently:

  1. Have someone do it with me. It would’ve been great to have a buddy! Especially for the times we ate with others or there were treats around.
  2. Prepare a budget ahead of time. We spent a lot on groceries and I would’ve loved to have been more prepared for that! Even saving a little extra ahead of time if the budget is tight.
  3. Work on portion sizes ahead of time. This is super mental for me, and I wish I would’ve set better expectations for myself here, especially with carbs in the form of potatoes and fruit. These became my go-to and a place where I would overindulge.


And what’s my plan from here? My goal is to stick to a mainly paleo diet and continue to work on portion control and listening to my body. These things sound so easy, but for me they aren’t. I do think Whole30 helped me understand that I can live without sugar, it’s just getting my mind to remember that when cookies or ice cream are sitting in front of me. 😉 I’m going to allow some flex though, and I’m sure this plan will continue to develop as we go along! I don’t miss grains or dairy too badly, so I’d like to continue to stay away from those when possible. The journey only continues from here! 🙂

I can’t thank you all enough for following along! Like I’ve said before, please reach out if you’re in need of support or if you have questions about starting your own healthy lifestyle. I am here for you! And you’ll never regret taking care of the body God gave you. 🙂

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